About tight shoes

I had worn worn tight shoes for far too long At the beginning of 2012, and with my 30th birthday fast approaching, I decided to ditch the corporate heels, teacher's flats and standard-issue civil service pumps; in favour of what would hopefully be a more comfortable pair of shoes. This is an account of my journey, as an older medical student in South Africa.

Start where you’re at

It has been said before “start where you’re at, and with what you have.” 

For a while now, I’ve thought about this space. I’ve wondered what to do with it. Do I pick up where I left off? Do I just leave it as is, and start something new somewhere else? Should I even be blogging in the first place? I’m a medical student, I don’t want to unknowingly land myself in trouble. 

But over the past few weeks, in the midst of all the busy-ness, the one recurring thought that I’ve had is “I need to be writing… I want to remember this, I need to remember this!” 

And so I’ve come back to this space. The name still feels right, the sentiment still feels right, but the content felt wrong, so it’s gone. The past few years have been tough, as I’ve continued on this journey. There have been some remarkable highs, and equally memorable lows. As a result, I’ve grown and changed in ways that feel right, but I now no longer find resonance with that old voice of mine. It’s like an old pair of broken down shoes, as much as you may have loved them, there comes a time when they just have to go. 

So here I am, 8 weeks into GEMP I, or the 3rd year of the mainstream medical degree. There is a story as to how I come to be here at this time, which I’ll share in due course. But for now I’m here, and loving every bit of this crazy, amazing journey through medical school.